Software Product Description

The Networker OpenVMS Client (NOC) Version 2.0.0 provides backup and recovery services on the OpenVMS platform. It allows OpenVMS system managers to take advantage of the industry-leading Networker backup and recovery system by extending those features to the OpenVMS environment.

NOC provides the following important file backup and restoration capabilities:

  • Allows for automatic flexible scheduling of backup operations through the use of the graphical Networker server interface.
  • Ability to perform pre and post-processing based on group schedules and/or based on single backup operations.
  • Flexible file recovery options, including:
  • A time based file-browsing interface similar to the OpenVMS Directory command that allows users to find and recover needed files easily.
    • Automatic recovery of a specified set of files using the usual OpenVMS wildcard characters.
    • Recovery based on saveset ID to restore exactly the files that were saved during a particular backup operation.
  • A useful set of customizations that allow the NOC software to backup files with all the important options associated with the OpenVMS Backup command, such as the ability to backup open files, various options for handling alias files, and so forth.
  • Support for OpenVMS ODS-2 disk format.
  • Support for use with OpenVMS HSM (Compaq SPD #46.38.xx). Allows “Backup Via Shelving” operations to occur without interference. Optionally may be configured to ignore shelved files or to fault them back online before backing them up to the safety of the Networker server.
  • Backups may be initiated by the Networker server or may be initiated by the OpenVMS client using standard OpenVMS scheduling mechanisms.
  • Error recovery and reporting capability
  • Multithreaded execution daemon for handling several concurrent backup operations.
  • Optionally provides client-side data compression to reduce the amount of data sent over the Network

License Options

To support various configuration requirements, the following NOC license options are available:

  • NOCCLNT – This license enables NOC on a VAX or Alpha standalone processor.
  • NOCCLUSTER – This license enables NOC on a VAX or Alpha cluster machine. Optional licenses may be purchased to enable additional nodes on the cluster.
  • NOCSITE – A site-wide license that enables NOC on all types of OpenVMS processors.

OpenVMS Tailoring

For OpenVMS systems, the following OpenVMS classes are required for full functionality of this layered product:

  • OpenVMS required saveset
  • Programming Support
  • Utilities
  • System programming Support
  • Secure User’s Environment
  • Network Support

Hardware Requirements

NOC runs on the VAX and Alpha processors supported by OpenVMS. For a detailed list of the VAX and Alpha processors supported by OpenVMS, see the OpenVMS VAX and Alpha Operation System Software Product Description (SPD #25.01.xx)

Software Requirements

Operating system

OpenVMS VAX Version 5.5-2, through current shipping versions and OpenVMS Alpha versions 6.1 through current shipping versions. The OpenVMS Operating System version must be supported by Compaq.

TCP/IP Networking Software

Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS or equivalent, including Process Software MultiNet or TCPware. Other TCP/IP packages may work as well, please ask your distributor if you have any questions.

Growth Considerations

The minimum hardware/software requirements for any future version of this product may be different from the requirements for the current version.

Software Licensing

This software is furnished only under a license. For more information about the Wumpusware license terms, contact Wumpusware.

Ordering Information

The license you need depends upon the operating environment and the license unit requirements (LURT) of your machine. In the license list below, the (*) represents one of W, D, or E. The license units granted by these licenses are shown in the following table.

Alpha (H)105011501300
Vax (F)2003004800

Standalone Processors

SL-NOCA*-02 (Alpha)

Cluster Systems

SL-NOCA*C-01 (Alpha)

Optional Add-on Licenses for Additional Cluster Nodes

SL-NOCA*A-01 (Alpha)

Site-Wide License

SL-NOCSITE-01 (Both Platforms)

To determine your license requirements, use the DCL Show License/Charge command. In the resulting table, find either (H) for Alpha machines or (F) for VAX machines. You need a license that grants at least the number of units shown in your LURT display.

Software Warranty

Wumpusware provides this software with a 90-day conformance warranty in accordance with the Wumpusware Warranty terms applicable to the license purchase. The above information is valid at the time of release.

TM Alpha, OpenVMS, TCP/IP, VAX, VMS are trademarks of Compaq Computer Corporation.

TM Networker is a trademark of Legato, Inc. © 2000 Wumpusware, LLC.